Do I need a non-emergency medical transportation service close to me?


NEMT service exists to make life easier and allow people to enjoy everyday activities, whether the client is a person with disabilities, limited mobility, acute health issue, or an elder who can’t drive anymore. If someone has difficulties driving a car or moving around in taxis or public transportation, it’s time for that person to consider getting a local NEMT service.

Here are eight examples of when a person should contact a healthcare provider or a local NEMT service and get assistance for their trips to the hospital or other daily activities.

Bedridden Patients

Whoever has trouble leaving bed should contact non-emergency medical transportation services. Rides to regular exams, physiotherapy treatments, dialysis, chemotherapy, and family events will be stress-free and easy. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, your age doesn’t allow you to walk, or you need to rest because of your illness, trained NEMT assistants and custom-made vehicles can bring positive change to your life.

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Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles (WAV)

People in wheelchairs can have a daily transportation partner capable of providing them with proper care and comfy rides. Public transportation is sometimes ADA-compliant, but there are still challenges in moving around. NEMT services often include mobility vehicles – specially designed to fulfill all the needs of wheelchair users. This way, you can get curb-to-curb or door-to-door transportation and professional assistance.

Stretcher Transportation Services

Stretcher transportation allows patients unable to use a wheelchair and those who need to stay in a horizontal position to have comfortable transport to the hospital or another healthcare facility. Clients who need this type of NEMT service usually require personal assistance, and it’s always better to reach out to a medical transportation professional than a family member. You’ll be sure you’re in good hands and know you’ll arrive on time.

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Transportation for Bariatric Patients

You might wonder what the word “bariatric” means. Bariatric patients are people who weigh at least 300 pounds. If you have trouble using public transportation services or conventional taxis, the best option for your everyday trips is a specialized bariatric vehicle and private non-emergency medical service. Rides from your home to the supermarket, hospital, bank, airport, or any other place can be exhausting and stressful without a comfortable automobile and trained NEMT assistant. More than 70 million Americans are obese (according to Wikipedia), and the need for bariatric care services is growing every year.

Acute Medical Illnesses

Some patients need medical transportation services for a short period. During the recovery from surgery or a severe injury, you might need regular check-ups and examinations. Staying safe during these periods is crucial, and hiring a NEMT firm makes sense. Even if it’s not an emergency, you need trained people ready to help you if your condition changes. Feel free to contact your nearest medical transportation company and get the type of transportation service you need.

Chronic Conditions

Do you have a medical condition that requires constant care? Once you meet your NEMT transportation providers and they learn your needs and habits, your trips across town, airport transfers, business trips, doctor’s appointments, rehab sessions, and physical therapies will be hassle-free. You’ll get qualified NEMT providers, a vehicle perfectly designed for your condition, and safe, timely rides.

Limited Mobility Clients

Elders, students, and other people with limited mobility are the most common users of some assistance in transportation. The expenses of NEMT car service are often covered by the healthcare provider but can also be paid by users with private contracts. If you choose private-paid medical transportation, you can get personalized rides. Some medical transportation companies are willing to provide long-distance NEMT and door-through-door service, for example.

School Run Services

Does your youngster need daily assistance going to and from school? NEMT school-run services can help busy parents provide safe transportation to school or college. Students of all ages use these services, which are much more convenient than a school bus. Your child will get an assigned driver and NEMT provider for daily school transportation and other rides.

Final Thoughts

When we hear “NEMT transportation,” we think of trips to hospitals and healthcare institutions. The truth is that NEMT services are more complex and cover many transportation fields. Modern medical transportation companies, such as ZoomRide Buffalo, provide custom-planned rides for the ultimate satisfaction of every customer. Private-paid NEMT service in Western New York allows you to enjoy all sorts of commodities and get the arrangement that perfectly fits your life habits.

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